DAAL @ cellsbutton#06 – DARK CELLS Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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“Through the darkness skies are gonna show
– Obituary-Dead Silence”

We performed three workshops at the cellsbutton#06 – “DARK CELLS” Festival held by HONF in Yogyakarta, Indonesia:

Bamboo Tensegrity Kinetics:
“The aim of the current workshop is to build such structures in small scale with a few components, primarily bamboo sticks and elastic rubber strings, just to experience a more sophisticated way to build robot bodies.”

Gardening in Dystopia:
“The workshop will explore the complexity of recreating and maintaining nature in a closed environment. Using DIY methods we will build different industrial hydroponic gardening solutions for your home, bunker, submarine or spaceship.”

These workshop were held at Rempah Rumah Karya in Solo, which is a forum for professionals in creative industries, especially designers, architects, artists, and salespeople.

The third workshop been the CellsKiD workshop at the SD Kanisius Kenalan Primary School, a green primary school in Indonesia, where we build some toothbrush robots and had a lot of fun!!!

cellsbutton#06 festival text:
” What we know about dark matter, is that it is a new kind of unseen particle that falls readily into galaxies and clusters. The fact that it is dark means that it is neutral, rather than electrically charged; in general, charged particles interact readily with light, and would not be dark. The fact that the dark matter is concentrated in galaxies and clusters indicates that it is slowly moving; particles of this form are referred to as “cold.” What could the cold dark matter be made of ? We are not at all sure, although numerous theories have been proposed.

There are so many possibilities that we can reach. We would be doing ourselves injustice were we to kill our curiosity. Why should we feel sufficient; why should we fear the dark. Why should we walk on bright, smooth roads when there are so many other roads to choose which, despite being far from comfort, offer various possibilities? Culture, art, science and technology are not merely to consume, but to lead us towards various other possibilities. If our body could not reach them, should our mind too cease to do so?
Let our abilities and knowledge roam the dark realms. Let our body walk on the dark side. Let us understand the dark and turn it into light. Because if art and science were dead, only will and knowledge remain.”

Visit the HONF cellsbutton website– there’s lots of nice & interesting stuff and we would like to say a BIG, HUGE thank you to all the HONF people!